Online Origami for Kids


$10/month. Cancel anytime.


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Have you tried to make Origami before? Using Zoom, Churakids is offering the opportunity for you to learn how to make fun Origami designs with friends, all from the comfort of your home! Our teachers are all based in Japan, the birthplace of Origami. Students are encouraged to participate no matter what language they are most comfortable speaking, and both parents and siblings are welcome to join in the fun as well!

How it Works:

This online activity is perfect for children who are new to Origami and those who have learned to make some before! During each Origami class, the teacher will walk students through the steps to make our project of the day. The student’s microphone will remain muted through most of the class, but they may raise their hand anytime to ask the teacher a question. Please do your best and have fun! 😊

To ask the teacher a question, students can use Zoom’s “raised hand” function or give a “thumbs up” to the camera 👍.

The materials you need to complete the day’s project will be posted ahead of time so that you can prepare. If you are interested in seeing some of our previous Origami Projects, please visit our Churakids Origami Class group on Facebook!

Let’s learn Origami

With enough time and patience, anyone can make origami! If you can fold paper, you can do it. Our teachers will walk you through each step. If you have any special requests, please ask us!😃


September/1/Tuesday *No class

September/2/Wednesday 18:00

September/3/Thursday 17:00

September/4/Friday 17:00

September/8/Tuesday 16:00

September/9/Wednesday 18:00

September/10/Thursday 17:00

September/11/Friday 17:00

September/15/Tuesday 16:00

September/16/Wednesday 18:00

September/17/Thursday 17:00

September/18/Friday 17:00

September/22/Tuesday *No class

September/23/Wednesday 18:00

September/24/Thursday 17:00

September/25/Friday 17:00

September/29/Tuesday 16:00

September/30/Wednesday 18:00


$10/month. Cancel anytime.


[contact-form-7 id=”2210″ title=”Streaming_english”]