Churakids is Hiring!

Churakids International Afterschool Club is Looking for enthusiastic people interested in working with local children and youth across a variety of activities in a fun and engaging environment.

We are seeking teachers and helpers to facilitate after school classes and various weekend programs. Hours are part-time (flexible hours/scheduling is available), several positions are currently available. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to work in the local off-base community, enjoy intercultural experiences, and make some extra money as well! We offer Letters of Appreciation for military members. High school students and graduates are welcome to apply (add this to your college application)!

Hours needed are Tue-Fri afternoons to early evening, and Saturdays from morning to afternoon. Work schedules are flexible, work as much or as little as you are able (even just an hour or two per week is helpful). Churakids club activities offer cooking experiences, sports, computer graphics, music, art, camping, and more! Lots of options for many interests! We could use your skills! Please check out our website, and contact us through Facebook with any questions!

Our website: Children’s English Churakids in Okinawa City

Available Immediately!

Location (near Manta Park):
2-14-2, Kaiho-cho, Okinwa-shi ( )

1,500 yen per hour (1,000 yen for first 10 hours)

Please contact us on facebook:

Thank you



TEL: 098-989-5024

LOCATION: 2-14-2, Kaiho-cho, Okinwa-shi





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